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A Complete AVETMISS-Compliant Online Training System for training providers

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What's special about this offer?

- Fully integrted F2F, SCORM & xApi Compliant LMS

- Real-time live online assessments with Microsoft Teams

- Workforce Planning and Development

- Everything a Private or Enterprise RTO needs

- Student Portal with online enrolments and payments

- Complete API for flexible integration and reporting

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Whats special about this offer.

We all know online learning is convenient, but is it enough for your RTO? Imagine you wanted to offer a complete alternative to F2F Training and Assessment. Are multichoice online quizzes really going to cut it?

Enter Microsoft Teams!


When integrated, Bluegem + Teams enable complex assessments, intervies, virtual classroom, remote assessment, training, coaching and mentoring can be delivered delivered online. And best of all, you don't need a seperate system to manage USI and AVETMISS reporting.n a virtual class room styles with online mentoring, coaching and training. Observe your learnes undertaking real-world tasks at home or at their workplace. There are simulators for just about every industry these days. As long as they have an API (generally the case) Bluegem can integrate.

Putting it all together

A complete online alternative for your F2F training from finding a course through to certification, compliance reporting and professional development. One system:, fully compliant online or blended.

Preparation and Planning

We can help your RTO develop online content, online enrolments and payments, online learning, virtual classroom. financial integration, integration with the best simulators in your industry.

The reasons for our success is that we’ve invested heavily in:


Offer alternative online courses.

We can help you design, publish and host them.


Extend you customer base.

Online alternatives open up new doors beyong your locale.


Integrate with Office 365.

No OS365  Account? No problem, We are Microsoft Partners?


Your Conten, Your Resources.

Let us help you convert you F2F courseware to Online courses..


Setup, support and Training

Help dek, phone and email support is available with all packages.


AVETMISS, USI compliant.

We comply with all the latest standards: AVETMISS, USI, SVTS, RAPT, VSL, CRICOS.

Let us help you implement a complete AVETMISS-compliant blended training and assessment solution in your RTO. 

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